Heartland Heartbeats

Support for our graduates.

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The Heartland Heartbeats are graduates of Heartland programming who have developed a group to stay connected to an atmosphere of recovery.

They are helpful, encouraging, leading by example of how to stay accountable and continue their journey of recovery. Heartland Wellness Center’s maxim is: “people matter.”

Our clients are not a resource, they are human beings with lives, loved ones, aspirations, and dreams. Each of our graduates, the Heartland Heartbeats, have a story to tell; one of tragedy, failing, hope and healing.


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Weekly Meetings

Alcoholics Anonymous - 12@12
Tuesday 12pm
Narcotics Anonymous - Hope and Recovery
Tuesday 8pm-9:30pm
Family Night
Thursday 6 pm
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Stay connected with the Heartbeats.

Connection with others is vital to our health and wellness. Social connection empowers us to feel welcomed, important, loved, and a part of something greater. Leaving treatment is a crucial moment for those in recovery and our Heartland Heartbeats rise to the challenge again, and again, supporting others when they need it most. The Heartbeats meet at least once a month to plan outings, service projects and sober activities. For more information, please call 219.690.7025.