A holistic approach to complete healing for you and your family: mind, body and spirit.

The world has changed overnight, we can help.

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Overwhelming struggles are hurting you and your family and you don't know what to do.

You don’t have to accept, “this is just the way it is.”

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We developed a holistic approach that restores lives using a process that heals.


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When hard times hit families, it is difficult to know what to do. it's okay to get help.

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Welcome to Heartland Wellness Center.

You are on your own path and need to be met where you are, not where someone else thinks you should be.

Wellness Center
A guided, holistic approach, to help you meet your wellness goals.
Behavioral Health
Mental and emotional wellbeing when life becomes overwhelming.
Recovery Center
Focused healing for those struggling with the pain and suffering of addiction.
Heartland Heartbeats
Our Alumni program to stay connected, stay motivated and stay healthy.

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Don’t risk losing your happy ending without seeking professional help.

Choose the ending of your story, don’t let it choose for you.

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