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This place is amazing. Truly gives people the help that they need. The staff Works diligently to make sure that the best options possible are found for whoever comes here. When I was going through an issue with my son there was a lady there, Jaime, who treated me like family. I would recommend this place over and over and over again. Thank you Heartland!


The staff here is AWESOME. The concept is the best. Dealing with pain clinics all day, seeing the addition problem and experiencing first hand what addition can do. I love the process the Heartland Recovery Center offers. It's not a "clinical environment" that's safe and than day 31 you're on own. It's real, it's daily and it holds you accountable. Big THUMBS UP!


I have nothing but amazing things to say about Heartland. When our family was in its darkest place everyone at Heartland was compassionate, understanding & beyond helpful.


This place gave me the chance I needed to save my life. Great staff, great environment